American Halal CertificantionNowadays, the quality of products and services are more important than ever before, especially in food consumption, consumers are concerned whether the goods and services they purchase adhere to their religious rules and believes, they want to make sure that what they are consuming is Halal.

As the Halal products become popular in the marketplace, the value of gaining certification is drastically increasing because of this niche market that is expected to be worth $10.51 trillion globally by 2024 (based on Yahoo Finance, November 11, 2016).

In fact, many non-Muslim consumer consider that Halal products like meat and Agro-food have the highest safety and quality, which is produced in a green and ethical way.

Many large retailers like Wal-Mart, Costco and Tesco have already looker into this industry and spare stock shelves for halal products to attract consumer in Middle-East and Asia. Get certified and capture the market just in time.

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