managment consultingFood Safety & Quality Experts Inc. (FSQE Inc) business objective is to provide consulting services to Food Manufacturing companies and Distribution Centers on Building, Revising and Maintaining their Food Safety Management System.
In implementing these Management Systems, a business will be benefiting in bringing order and establish lines of communications interdepartmentally. If these systems will be implemented in the business arteria the process of the information is well established and decision making is made possible in time and without hesitation.


The best way of a company to establish their self in the market is by having good information processing and making sure that their employees are empowered to knowledge of the company policies and latest information in the field. This knowledge is important to all company’s stakeholders for them to conducted in an orderly manner their day to day activities as a big unified unit.
FSQE Inc. has understood that a company longevity in the market need to have a well-defined structure. As we have seen all food companies with a robust Quality Management System have get through difficult times and find ways to rebound the ever-changing markets and their stakeholders pressure, these thankfully of their rooted Management Systems. Our understating comes from experience in working and auditing different food industries.


Food Safety & Quality ExpertsFSQE Inc. is committed to deliver their customer all the help that they need to build and maintain their Food Safety Management System and go beyond their expectations on achieving the goal. Our focus, is for you to establish, implement or maintain your Management Systems through commitment in patients, trending and lean practices.
Our investigation process in helping you identify where the information has weakened and take proper corrections and corrective actions, will help you on the long term of eliminating a problem and not having it to reoccur again by learning and acting accordingly.
Based on the needs of the company we perform and deliver custom training modeled after your own facility and the best manufacturing practices in the industry. The key to a successful training is the empowerment of the employees and having them realize what the future expects.


You will understand and fill the difference in working with us in Building and Maintaining your Food Safety Management Systems.